Who Are We?

My name is Dave Desforges and I am the owner of D.E.D. Target Systems LLC. We are a small shop in western Massachusetts that does everything from making truck bumpers, building weather veins, to fixing mower decks. We do it all here. About 6 years ago I almost lost interest in the sport of shooting. The biggest complaint was that I could not find a target holder for doing the seemingly simple job of holding a paper target properly. Now, I probably have more rounds down range than most and Ive shot at almost everything you can think of, from PVC jigsaw puzzles that take twenty minutes to put together, to a shovel taken from my fathers shed that I stuck in the ground with a target nailed to it. The only good that came from the shovel target stand was at that at the age of 14 I learned a few new cuss words when my father saw the shovel.

I have thought about building a stand for years but who has the time?  Well, 3 years ago I made the time. After a lot of trial and error I designed and built what I believe to be the best stand on the market for the money. My father told me along time ago, “Treat people fair, don’t try to rip them off and they will beat down your door to get to you”. It’s funny, the older I get the smarter my father becomes.

high quality shooting stand

Founder, Dave Desforges